Frank Ocean Surfaces in a New Calvin Klein Campaign [VIDEO]

Frank Ocean

The ever-elusive Frank Ocean is back in the spotlight this week, but not because of any new music. Just days after posting a cryptic picture, which possibly relates to the long-delayed Boys Don’t Cry album release date, Ocean popped up in a much more public way. He’s one of the new faces of Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins ad campaign.

Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the video mixes shots of Ocean in different settings where gravity seems to be altered with him reciting his feelings on music and love.“You start a new habit and you keep it up for four or five weeks and when you stop, it feels like your missing something in your day. That’s what music is for me,” he says. “It feels like a necessary act. It takes a mind to worry, a conscience to feel ashamed but there’s no place to hide out here, these skies are filled with planes. You just sort of romanticize something in the past. Fantasy plays the role of almost like a supplement. You draw on fantasy to make things hyper-real, I guess; saturate the colors.”

The ad campaign uses surreal themes and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike to make an aesthetically pleasing return for Ocean. Henry Rollins, David Blaine, Bella Hadid, James Rodriguez, Young Thug, and Kate Moss are also included in the ad campaign with similar videos being released for each.

All of these videos can be found here.

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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