“Goat” Trailer: A Searing Look at a Fraternity’s Hell Week [VIDEO]

Goat Trailer

One of my biggest regrets at Sundance was not being able to catch Andrew Neel’s new film Goat, a striking drama about Greek life and the infamous tradition known as Hell Week. Goat earned a lot of praise following its world premiere at Sundance 2016 and was picked up by Paramount Pictures, The Film Arcade and MTV Films for worldwide distribution.

Based on Brad Land’s memoir of the same name, Goat centers around two brothers Brad (Ben Schnetzer) and Brett (Nick Jonas) Land. From what’s been revealed through previous screenings and the official trailer, Goat takes a harsh look at Greek life through the eyes of Brad, an aspiring pledge looking to join the same fraternity that his brother Brett belongs to. But to be fully accepted into the fraternity, Brad and his fellow pledges are forced to partake in Hell Week, an increasingly unsettling phenomenon that relishes in hyper-masculinity, degradation, and physical and mental abuse.

The first official trailer arrived today and with it a searing exploration of Greek traditions. It presents a series of intense imagery and humiliation as Brad and his friends are unceremoniously thrown into Hell Week. Alongside Ben Schnetzer and Nick Jonas, James Franco stars in the film and also produces.

Goat hits theaters September 23. Check out the first trailer up top.


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

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