Homegrown : Dom Kennedy (Part 1) 12

Rap fans have been clamoring for a new Dom Kennedy project ever since the weather was good enough to turn your air conditioner on.

But where is Dom? The artist who has held down the summer for rap nerds the past few years has been relatively quiet even by his own standards. The intimately-distant MC lit the net on fire and went on a country-wide tour due to the success of his last mixtape, The Yellow Album.

With singles like “My Type Of Party” and co-signs from heavy hitters like Rick Ross, it was almost certain that 2012 would’ve been the year of the OPM. We’re past the halfway point of the Summer and there is still no sign of Dom’s follow-up effort, Get Home Safely. Although he’s been mum on the project, Dom opened up to STASHED about his project and why he’s been more reclusive than ever during the making of the project.

On the debut episode of Homegrown, STASHED take a trip down to Los Angeles, California to talk with Dom and get us all up to speed on his new projects as well as some of his disappointments in making music and his mindset in making his new music.

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Photo Credit: Paul Worgul