Jeezy Releases “Foul Play;” Announces ‘It’s Tha World 2′ 3

Surprise, surprise. After Jeezy took aim at his record label in a series of tweets he just released, he announced that he will be dropping It’s Tha World 2 on November 27th.

“Where @LA_Reid when yo need him #RIPShakirStewart,” Jeezy tweeted. “I been perfecting this album 2 years for #myfans. Niggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want! If Def Jam don’t get this right y’all got an early xmas gift #myfans”

We’ll see who is playing fair now on this new record down below. Check out the artwork for Its Tha World 2 down below and get a listen to the vicious “Foul Play” after the jump.

Photo Credit: Def Jam.