Lance Stephenson Memes Took Over the Internet Last Night 0

Today the league issued Lance Stephenson a nice little $5,000 fine for flopping during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. In the third quarter of last night’s game Stephenson was called for a foul after contact with LeBron James. Stephenson would end up flopping on the play, but his reaction to the call is what caused an Internet stir.

Following the call Stephenson took a little catnap on the hardwood. From there the rest is Internet history thanks to SportsNation’s #SNPhotoGame hashtag. In the pics below you can see Stephenson napping on the moon, next to Aaron Craft, tripping Jacoby Jones, and getting knocked out with a shovel.

Isn’t the Internet a great place?

Check the original flop video and the ensuing memes down below.





Photo Credit: YouTube