M.I.A.’s ‘MATANGI’ Gets Release Date After Leak Threats 0

Nearly three years since the release of 2010′s /\/\/\Y/\, M.I.A. is finally set to release the albums follow up, MATANGI. The singer took to her Twitter account earlier today frustrated and claimed to let the record go herself if her label didn’t get their act together. “Who would stop MATANGI from coming out,” M.I.A. tweeted. “If Interscope takes longer I can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready.”

Quicker than a gunshot from “Paper Planes,” the label acted in kind and announced a November 5th release date for her anticipated album. The album that she described as “Paul Simon on acid,” will feature no collaborations. “When I went to India, I was looking on Google for stuff that was the color of a certain green, and that’s when this green goddess, Matangi, popped up,” the singer told Spin last year.

“I was like, that’s weird, the whole time I’ve been alive on this planet, my mom never mentioned where my name came from. Matangi was the goddess of knowledge and the arts–music, art, dancing, spoken word. When they invented this mythology 4,000 years ago, the concept of someone being about all those things was normal.”

Check out the video for her MATANGI single, “Bring The Noize” down below.

Photo Credit: Interscope.